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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Birth 'Rights'

Birthing Persatuan means, among other things, setting up a bank account, which imply moving some funds over from Pusat Berdikari Seremban. Some formalities has to be observed, such as getting formal approval from the church and having a proper memorandum of understanding signed. It is like a son is leaving home. He is grown up but the parents wants certain conditions met before 'freeing' him. He senses the freeing is conditional, yet the son does not really want to leave home. Leaving is a natural consequence of maturing. Strings tied should be from the heart not from the hands. Otherwise it is not really an expression of 'Go, and may God go with you' sort of blessing. I'd prefer the church to be less head more heart. I hope I am not triggering a reaction? Yes, we have to learn to accept other opinions, just as others need to accept ours.

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