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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The PBS Model

PBS is non-profit. Its entire focus is on the Learning Disabled trainees at the centre (presently there are 24 of them). It is managed by a management team that draws no salaries nor allowances. It has 2 paid staff who ensure the centre is well run and the trainees are well cared. Supporting them is a team of volunteers who contribute time and skills.

The PBS centre life is modeled after affirmation of positive outlook as long as there is a glimmer of hope to succeed. We shower love and patience because we believe these stimulate and encourage the trainees to open up and pick up skills. At the same time we teach them to be responsible for their actions. We prepare them to face a life of independence.

At PBS we humanise the trainees.

Learning Disability Explored

Simply stated, it means a deficiency in one's ability to learn 'normally'. Sometimes we use the description 'Slow Learner' to describe such a person. On the surface a LD person looks quite normal. The following is taken from Wikipedia:

Individuals with a learning disability may isolate themselves from society as they may feel:

1. Ashamed of the types of difficulties they struggle with, such as poor literacy skills, attention or memory difficulties
2. Fear of failure, criticism, ridicule or rejection
3. Fear that others may think that they are stupid or incapable
4. Ashamed that they are unable to read or that they have poor handwriting
5. Left out of every day discussions due to lack of understanding
6. Depressed
7. Alone

Here at PBS we try to bring the LD person out of his dark world and open up a new vista for him to explore. It is not surprising that those LD trainees at our centre show capabilities previously thought impossible. We want our trainees to experience a life that respect their whole being and not focus on their shortcomings.

Introducing Persatuan Berdikari Seremban

Persatuan Berdikari Seremban is a registered society under the Societies Act of Malaysia. It was registered on 5th April 2008. The objective of PBS is to provide job related skills training to people with learning disabilities.

PBS is not new. In fact it is established from Pusat Berdikari Seremban, a ministry of the Wesley Methodist Church Seremban. Pusat is 10 years old this year and appropriately is making way for Persatuan to take over so that it can grow to a larger and more effective organization to serve the learning disabled in and around Seremban.

On this introductory blog I wish to invite you to visit our website www.pbs.org.my for more information of our work.