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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Teamwork Par Excellence

I have not seen better teamwork and zeal than the golf organizing committee I served in the past few months. Julia was the lightning rod that galvanized us on besides getting many participants and sponsors, including hole-in-one and hole sponsors through her contacts; Susan was on the go getting sponsors and donors of prizes; Linda was faultless as the MC; Peter McGovern (advisor) provided insights we easily missed; Betsi showed her mettle in secretarial work and book-keeping; Eugene maintains the full accounts for the event; Nisha helped out during the main luncheon event itself besides securing an oil painting for auction; and David who coming in late in the team, provided muscles to have all the mineral water, goodies and prizes loaded into the van, deliver to Nilai Springs and helped the ladies pack and sort them on the eve of the tournament. Puan Faridah Khalid, our chairman, was a pillar of strength and support in guiding us into and around the way we should address the royals and how to behave ourselves. Her favorite advice: Sembah the Tuankus when you stand up, or when you return to your seat. IF YOU REMEMBER, she kept saying. She sounded reassuringly confident that if we forget the Tuankus will not exile us. She really made us feel at ease on the big day. Everyone recruit players to join and put his and her other resources to work. We are hence better called the golf tournament working committee rather than the organizing committee.

There were moments of stress but everyone was focussed on the goal - raise as much as possible for PBSNS. There were frustrations too when we chased after our targets but through it all we learned a valuable lesson in humility and perseverance.

Years later we all shall look upon May 22, 2010 with fond memories. Having our beloved Yam Tuan and Tunku Ampuan Besar grace the event really gave us all the driving force to excel. And we learn palace protocol. We learn that goodness is on tap in people we know. What we need is to know how to draw them out and it will just flow.

Our next fund raiser while smaller is nonetheless as important, because we are still short of our target amount. How fast the new centre can be built depends on how quickly we raise the money. Around October we plan a fund raising dinner. Hopefully we will have another teamwork par excellence.

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