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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Being Self Driven

All organizations can benefit from people who are self driven towards the established goals. Although there are managers, executives and supervisors, whose roles seem, as their titles implicitly suggest, to be ensuring that work gets done, and that lower rung employees are incapable of carrying them out without someone checking in on them, I believe that we need to have faith in our staff that they ARE capable of understanding and executing instructions and policies. Granted that there will be differences in styles and methods, what is important is they are on track to bring their work to fruition. The rest is managing individualities.

Before I started this post I thought about the team I have in Persatuan and how blessed I am that they are self-starters and even initiators of great ideas. They have passion towards fulfilling the dream of the centre and that count a lot towards what we set out to do. We can have two identically paid staff of different passions. It is easy to conclude which one is more valuable and effective.

I think of our human body as a terrific example. The liver is one of the largest internal organs, and probably the most important one, yet little understood. But the liver does its work quietly, self driven if you may, to ensure the entire body is healthy. If you must know, the liver detoxifies our blood every second, that is how important it is to us, or else we will not live very long.

Whether our helpers is a staff, a volunteer or a committee member, the fact that they go about discharging their work responsibly is a blessing to us in PBSNS. We appreciate them all.

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