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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Charity in Recession Times

People have been telling me that it is bad timing to raise money during recession. It is generally true that pockets are less deep when economy is bad but the key word is 'generally'. In the hearts of charitable people and organizations, recession is not an overcoming factor to decide how much, or how little to be given out. In fact, the reverse can be true, that because the needs are constant, recession should NEVER be a reason to give less. Welfare centres like ours are in constant need to finance our work and look toward a steady stream of resources to put our mind at ease.

The 'Mama Mia!' musical is ongoing at the Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur. I read with interest how the Star Foundation and SP Setia Charity Foundation are actively raising funds to support the works of selected welfare centres throughout the nation that cannot survive financially on their own without such public donations. Recently I also read of another charity called the Budimas Foundation carrying out similar works but with a different focus. Here in Malaysia I believe that charity is in the core of many people and organizations. Not because they get any returns but they just find it so natural to be helpful. Isn't that so Malaysian? And this makes me really proud to be one, in spite of the many negative political talks about race, religion and government policies in the various blogs.

Charity foundations are very common in the west. I google that term and come up with many such foundations in the United States that aid the handicapped families, small businesses and welfare homes. Most are for those within the nation although they do support international needs but qualifying conditions are stiff and competitive. As more and more centres vie to get limited supports the chances of getting a reasonable sum is harder. As such it seems that to be in the race one has to impress as well as do very well to earn that support. The philosophy of any foundation work is to give to those that deserve to be helped. In the coming years I guess we have to work real hard to join the category that 'deserved to be helped'.

Like the proverb in Bahasa Malaysia says, 'Sedikit sedikit menjadi bukit', translated to mean 'Bit by little bit a hill will be formed', so we will need the charity from many hearts to build up the required financial base to enable our work to be discharged without any anxieties even in recession times. Our faith is that recession is NOT in the equation of charity. And I hope that our supporters feel the same way.

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