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Friday, May 23, 2008

Challenges Persatuan Will Face

As a ministry under the church, Pusat Berdikari Seremban, feels 'safe' as it can just fall back to the church when major decisions need to be made. But like a child tied to the apron strings of his mother, he cannot grow and be into his own. The process of maturing must means Pusat must detach itself from the church. Becoming Persatuan is the umbilical cord cutting stage and with that will come several challenges.

The very first is the need for the church to 'release' Pusat to be Persatuan. It is both painful and emotional but happily Persatuan will be very much a part of the church work through the involvement of her members. This is very crucial for the church to sustain a vital link and keep its character within Persatuan.

The second issue is trust. As a parent learns to trust in the judgement and decison making of his grownup son who is leaving home to begin his very own life and start his family, likewise the church must also trust in the leadership of Persatuan to let it evolve its own identity and culture. And trust that its leadership will sustain and practice the Christian values it believes in in running the association.

Third challenge is building up a good membership base from which the association can tap vital management resources to run the association professionally.

Last but not least, to be able to withstand criticisms and stay focussed on what its vision and mission are. Staying focussed is paramount for Persatuan to succeed especially in its initial years.

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